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Mycoplasma IES & Mycoplasma IES Plus


Mycoplasma is one of the main pathogens which lead to NGU (nongonoccal urethritis), cervical, pelvic inflammatory disease, orchitis, epididymitis etc. and can cause infertility to men and women1. These pathogens can attack and destroy genitourinary epithelial cells, cause infection of the AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Clinical sexually transmitted diseases can be caused by Mycoplasma (mainly by UU and MH Its occurrence has been presenting an uptrend. Antibiotic resistance is becoming more and more severe due to the misuse of antimicrobials, which seriously endanger mankind's health2.




2.Lyophilized Powder

Contains inhibition agent. The growth of interfering organisms could be inhibited while the growth of Mycoplasma could be promoted.

3.Mineral Oil


Used to dissolve the lyophilized powder.


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