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Autobio LUmo is a state-of-the-art microplate luminometer designed to meet the demanding requirments of microplate-based glow luminescence applications.

  • Hospitals

  • Medical laboratories

  • Third-party testing laboratories

  • Blood banking

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other clinical institutions.


  • Certificated by ISO13485 and ISO9001.

  • Classical micro-well chemiluminescence analyzer with the European design philosophy, which subverts the cost performance conception of microplate luminescence analyzers.

  • Adopts a high-end dual-CPU design, which can achieve the analyzing sensitivity of 10-23 mol per well.

  • Adopts a new-generation PMT module, which allows the glow measurement range to reach 105 RLU.

  • High-speed, low-noise three-position track-relayed movement.

  • The 96-well plate can reach a assessing speed of as high as 32 s per plate (0.1 s per well)

  • The inter-well interference is below 5*10-7, and the variation between measurement repeats is below 2%.

  • Adopts a 24-V safe DC power supply as the energy source, which obeys the safety and environment-protection requirements of CE\COHS.

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