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AutoMic-i600 was developed for quick and accurate microbial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing(ID-AST). It supports automatic sample pipetting, incubation and detection. Five different antibiotic cards including the most comprehensive antibiotic panels help microbiologists to find out suitable antimicrobial treatment within much shorter time.


  • Hardware

    Support random placement of multiple varieties of board card.

    Bidirectional intelligent identification and matching of board card and specimen.

    Fully automated sample pipetting, incubation and result interpretation maximize your lab's efficiency.

    Design of 64-card incubator meets the testing needs of all users.

    2 methods (Colorimetric, turbidimetric) determination, and 4 wavelength detection, continuous automated interpretation regularly, and AI algorithm model ensures scientific and accurate results.

  • Software

    Customized report templates to meet diverse needs.

    Two-way identification, full barcode paperless management, accurate traceability.

    The strain library, database and expert system jointly constructed by multiple centers, meet the needs of identification.

    An expert system based on the latest versions of CLSI and EUCAST files, providing continuous upgrade services, authoritative and reliable interpretation of results.

    Automatic correction of the sensitivity interpretation of natural and forced resistance, including ESBLS, CRE, MRSA, VRE, PRSP and high levels of aminoglycosin resistance.


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