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AutoChem B861

The fully automated biochemistry analyzer AutoChem B861 series, with its compact size, can be used in conjunction with immunoassay, can fit into compact laboratory spaces and optimize biochemistry and immunoassay processes.

  • Hospitals

  • Medical laboratories

  • Independent Clinical Laboratory

  • Blood banking

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other clinical institutions.


  • Mainstream Speed

    Colorimetric constant speed 800T/h, ISE max 600T/h

  • Multi-functional Reagent Tray

    Reagent compartment supports uninterrupted refrigeration when the machine is dormant;

    Dual reagent trays with a total of 90 reagent positions;

  • Multi-function Sample Tray

    Simultaneous placement of routine samples, emergency samples, calibrators and quality control products;

    Support independent sample caching module, more flexible retesting

  • Precision Metering

    16 wavelengths;

    Halogen lamp with a life of not less than 2000 hours;

    Ultra-micro bubble interception technology;

    Holographic concave grating post-splitting system for accurate photometry

  • Reaction Cup

    160 reaction cups;

    Reaction liquid volume 100~360ul;

    Water bath thermostat 37±0.1 deg.


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