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After more than 10 years' integration of experience and accumulation of blood culturing technology. Autobio develops a new generation ofautomatic blood culture instrument series to provide users with more mature and efficient blood culture solutions.

Its stable temperature control system and reliable vibrating module greatly shortens the detection time of positive results and reduces the false positive rate.


  • Advanced detection system

    Better temperature uniformity, avoid the influence of door opening and closing.

    Comprehensive statistical functions.

    Statistics analyse positive rate of culture bottles, statistics analyse positive rates of departments, statistics analyse positive detection time, statistics analyse positive bottle removal time, etc.

    Optimize the operation process, the on-machine process is simpler, only need to scan the code, put the bottle.

  • Interpretation performance

    More efficient man-machine exchange interface, higher operability and stronger functionality.

    More advanced intelligent algorithms, covering all stages of microbial growth, report positive results earlier.

    Multi-dimensional bacterial growth model, positive results are more reliable.

    Unique protrusion recognition algorithm, combined with sustained acceleration algorithm, rate algorithm, and inital threshold algorithm, improve the reporting time.

  • Advantage of Affiliated Blood Culture Bottle

    Special selected V and X factors added on the culture medium improves detection rate of fastidious bacteria.

    Addition of Macroporous resin and cation assure great capability ofantibiotics neutralization;

    Vaccum quantitative blood collection supported;

    Double bar code management for traceability of analysis;

    High-strength plastic material of the bottle guarantees reliable bio-safety;

    The culture bottle is compatible with imported instruments;

    Minimum positive sample detection time is 3 hours.


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