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AutoLumo A6200/ A6600

A6 series is one of the full-automatic immunoassay analyzers with the highest throughput currently, with dual assurance, providing high capacity, fast speed, intelligent operation and excellent performance.

  • Hospitals

  • Medical laboratories

  • Independent Clinical Laboratory

  • Blood banking

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other clinical institutions.


  • Dual Assurance

    Dual reagent disks--25 x 2 reagent positions in total

    Dual reagent probes--intelligent liquid level and clot detection

    Dual sets of substrate and washing buffer--automatic switching after depletion

    Dual transport tracks--sample & reagent transfer&mixing in the same time; innovative vibration mixing to avoid carry-over

    Dual sample management module potential--support multi-machine integration, flexible extension potential

  • Ultra Speed

    Independent decapping module--speed up to 600 T/h; barcode identification improving sampling efficiency

    STAT channels-- continuous sample loading and STAT tracks priority over routine samples

    Reagent online change--Support loading multiple reagent kits of the same assay, continual loading of reagents with no system interruption

    High throughput and integration--single module 600T/h, 1-4 units up to 2400 T/h with triple track for sample management

  • Convenient Experience

    8 mm screen--monitor all the consumables residue in real time

    Independent refrigerating--keep reagent at 2-8 ℃ after machine outage, free from transferring

    RFID scanning--Fast and easy identification

    Auto-dilution of washing buffer--onboard automatic preparation, easy for transport and change

  • Scalable Flexibility

    Immunoassay integration

    Immunoassay and biochemistry integration

    Total laboratory automation

  • Valuing Biosafety

    Rotating for decapping potential--reduce aerosol generation

    Full enclosure system, negative pressure and filter--reduce the risk of aerosol leakage

    RV solid-liquid separation--reduce residues and contaminate


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