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iWO Microplate Washer

Autobio iWO is a state-of-the-art microplate luminometer designed to meet the demanding requirments of microplate-based glow luminescence applications.

  • Hospitals

  • Medical laboratories

  • Independent Clinical Laboratory

  • Blood banking

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other clinical institutions.


  • The liquid inlet system contains a special strainer, and adopts an anti-hole-blocking design of the high-power vacuum pump.

  • Residual liquid volume ≤1 μL/well, liquid injection volume = 300 μL/well/h, CV≤2%

  • Priming and rinsing system can be performed manually, automatic or periodic.

  • Can connect to either one, two or four wash bottles and one waste bottles.

  • Wash solution used is defined in the wash protocol.


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