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Welcome All of Our Partners and Friends to Attend Autobio DAY

Source:Autobio DiagnosticsTime:2024.03.28


In the land of the Central Plains in March, everything is alive and full of spring. In the bright spring, Autobio welcomed a group of overseas customers, who checked in and take photos in the in vitro diagnostics industrial park.


On March 20, 2024, Autobio global partner forum with the theme of "Shorter the Distance, Better the Resonance" was successfully held in Zhengzhou. Excellent cooperation from different countries and regions around the world Partners attend meetings.


Miao Yongjun, the chairman of Autobio, extended a warm welcome to international partners coming from afar. He mentioned in his speech that Autobio attaches great importance to the development of international business and continues to expand overseas markets. In recent years, Autobio has launched Automatic Luminescence Immunoassay AutoLumo A6200, fully Automated Mass Spectrometry Microbial Identification System Autof MS1600, Microbial Detection BC60, Automated Microorganism Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Analyzer AutoMic i600, Automatic coagulation analyzer and other products to provide international customers with More comprehensive product solutions to meet diversified testing needs; it continues to increase international registration efforts, has more than 460 CE registration certificates, and has obtained more than 2,500 market access qualification certificates in various regions around the world, laying the foundation for expanding overseas markets. At the same time, the company also continues to strengthen its international localization work and establish a localized service system to provide customers with more professional and efficient services.


Relevant personnel of Autobio's international business introduced in detail the company's development status, product innovation, and the company's professional service support, allowing partners to have a more intuitive, deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Autobio. The conference also invited end-users to share their experiences and feelings about using Autobio's products, and many partners shared their stories of growing together with Autobio.


Fu Guangyu, the executive deputy general manager of Autobio, made a concluding speech. He pointed out that international development is the only way to comply with the trend of global economic integration and for enterprises to improve their competitiveness and achieve long-term development. Autobionology is willing to work hand in hand with global partners to share development results and achieve win-win cooperation. He said that Autobio will further accelerate its global layout and work together with global partners to provide overseas customers with richer and higher-quality products and services.


In China's first laboratory medicine museum, international partners have experienced the three thousand years of laboratory medicine's history through precious physical displays, rich text, picture and video introductions, and vivid and touching stories of laboratory figures. At the same time, they also sincerely admired the rapid development and achievements of China's laboratory medicine in the past few decades.


In the exhibition hall of Autobio's intelligent laboratory, international business staff introduced in detail Autobio's latest products in various fields such as immunity, biochemistry, microorganisms, molecules, and coagulation, demonstrating the company's strong R&D strength and multi-field market competition. strength and attracted great attention from international partners.


The successful convening of this global partner exchange meeting further deepened the understanding and trust of international partners in Autobio and laid a solid foundation for future close cooperation. Autobio will continue to adhere to the concept of innovative development, launch better products and services for overseas customers, and work with global partners to promote the advancement of medical laboratory technology.