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AutoStreak S1800 Microbial Sample Pretreatment System

Sample pretreatment is a key step in microbiology. Rapid, effective and standard sample pretreatment is one of the important conditions for reliable, efficient and rapid diagnostics results. Meanwhile, sample pretreatment is a time-consuming and laborious repetitive activity, which occupies a large amount of analysis time for experienced personnel, and biosafety risks exist in the manual inoculation process for operators, which is difficult to avoid the influence of human factors on the results. Automated and standardized microbial sample pretreatment system can make microbial sample pretreatment more efficient, process more standardized, results more accurate, and personnel safer.

AutoStreak S1800 microbial sample pretreatment system can perform a series of operations on sputum,urine, and other liquid samples, such as code scanning, automatic opening and closing of the cap, homogenization, quantitative streak inoculation, barcode printing and pasting, etc., to achieve standard operation and improve the bacterial isolation rate.


  • High efficiency

    Single-person operation, with a treatment speed of 180 plates/hour, can meet all laboratory sample size requirements and automatically complete sputum digestion in five minutes, without manually adding digestive fluid and standing for 30 minutes, saving time and effort

  • High standard

    10 ul quantitative inoculation

    International patent inoculation brush for streaking, with higher plate utilization and single colony isolation rate

  • Four measures to effectively control biosafety

    Negative pressure inner chamber of the imitation biosafety cabinet, with an exhaust air volume of 17.6 m³/min, and an air replacement frequency of 14 cycles/minute

    High efficiency HEPA filtration, with a filtration efficiency of 0.3 um 99.995%

    Cover opening and closing inside the sample machine

    Double UV timing disinfection of the machine interior and waste bin

  • Flexible operation

    Free setting of plate types

    Free setting of plate loadout according to the culture environment

    Automatic treatment of abnormal samples

    Independent storage area of abnormal samples, without affecting the batch treatment efficiency of samples

  • Software system

    Real-time monitoring of consumable consumption and experiment progress, dynamic large-screen display, and audible and visual alarm

    It can be connected with Lis software and Autobio microbiology laboratory information system to realize the whole process management of sample information

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