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Hand in Hand, We Forge Ahead - Autobio 25th Anniversary Celebration & Laboratory of Medicine Museum Opening Ceremony

Source:Autobio DiagnosticsTime:2023.10.26

On October 20, 2023, the 25th anniversary celebration of Autobio Diagnostics with the theme of "Hand in Hand, We Forge Ahead" was held grandly in the IVDs Industrial Park. Mr. Miao Yongjun, President of Autobio, as well as industry experts, entrepreneurs, Autobio’s strategic partners, employee representatives, etc. attended the celebration. Yang Zengli, general manager of Autobio, presided over the celebration ceremony.


President of Autobio Miao Yongjun delivered a speech on behalf of the company. He mentioned that for the past 25 years, Autobio has taken "Committed to the promotion and advancement of medical laboratory technology, dedicated to serving human healthcare" as its mission, "pursuing excellence and perseverance" as its spirit, and with the attitude of a striver, In the field of in vitro diagnostics, we continue to make leaps and bounds and move forward bravely. From the initial entrepreneurial team of a dozen people, we have developed into a leading enterprise in the field of in vitro diagnostics in China with more than 5,000 employees, integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Looking back on the twenty-five years we have gone through, we have gained and been grateful along the way. I am grateful for the gifts of the great era of reform and opening up, grateful to every leader and expert for their careful guidance and help, grateful to our partners for their warm presence for decades, and grateful to Autobio employees for their selfless contributions.


On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Autobio, the Laboratory of Medicine Museum invested and constructed by Autobio was completed and opened. The museum embodies the efforts and wisdom of many inspection experts and Autobio people. It popularizes inspection knowledge and inherits the innovative spirit of inspectors. The preparation of the museum has received support and help from many experts, scholars and all walks of life across the country. During this period, dozens of industry experts provided guidance on the preparation of the museum. To this end, the celebration set up a "Salute to People Work for Laboratory" link to express lofty respects to the experts and scholars who have made important contributions to the construction of the museum and the development of laboratory medicine in China.



Twenty-five years have passed by like an arrow. Twenty-five years ago, Autobio was like a seedling, breaking out of the ground in the warm spring breeze and growing ever more vigorously; twenty-five years later, Autobio was like a energetic young man who had a long road to pursue the better prospects. In the future journey, Autobio people will be as determined as ever and work hard to promote the development of the IVD industry and make greater contributions to human health.