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AutoMimo 1200

Autobio designs the AutoMimo system to improve pipetting efficiency and optimize workflow in the lab when conducting experiments with MALDI TOF Microbial Identification System. The instrument is also compatible with MALDI TOF of orther brands.


  • High-precision and standardized pipetting system with new gas-path mode, 1μL pipetting CV ≤ 1.4%

  • Multiple pipetting mode, continuous pipetting 1000 wells per hour.

  • Avoid bio- and chemical hazard from operator and laboratory environment with high-efficiency air purification system and timed ultraviolet sterilization module, effectively reducing biological risks.

  • Dynamically monitor the abnormal status of instrument with real-time operating status display module combined with automatic alarm system.

  • Simple and user-friendly software interface to meet various demands.

  • Load the reagent vial without further dispense.

  • Ergonomic engineering protects physical safety of the operator.

  • Highly efficient Incubation system realizes precise heating control and facilitates rapid sample preparation.


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